Harvesting FREE rain-irrigated mesquite pods for goat and people feed

I’ve harvested over 200 gallons of DRY mesquite pods as of early July 2023.

Choosing Mesquite Trees for Landscapes & How to Identify Different Species

More About Mesquite

Multi-Use Plant Lists & Nurseries for Water-Harvesting Landscapes, Goats, & Chickens

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E-bike batteries can be charged direct from one’s roof-top solar panels, so no fossil fuels are needed.
And on an E-bike (unlike in an electric car) you weigh more than your vehicle, so the battery is mostly used to move you—not a super heavy vehicle.

My cargo bicycle is an Xtracycle with wide loader shelves, though there are a great many other cargo bicycle to choose from. Try a bunch of them out to see which is best for you.