Graffiti Removal

Neighborhood Foresters are out and about in the public commons of their neighborhoods, thus we are likely to come across graffiti.

There are a number of options to reduce graffiti and clean it up.
The quicker it is dealt with the less likely it is to return.

Do-it-yourself graffiti removal
A great graffiti-removal product you can get at your local hardware store or online is Krud Kutter’s Graffiti Remover (fig. 1). Just spray it on the graffiti then wipe it off with a rag. No more graffiti.

Graffiti prevention strategies
• Murals by local artists
• More eyes on the street. The more neighbors are walking, bicycling, wheeling, hanging out on their front porches, and collaborating on forestry projects along the neighborhood’s streets the more crime and vandalism drops.

Programs/services that remove graffiti

  • City of Tucson Graffiti Removal Program, (520) 792-2489 or email:
    Graffiti Protective Coatings and the City of Tucson have created a free application for reporting graffiti. To download the app, search for MyTucson on the iPhone App Store and Android Market. This program assists with removal of graffiti from many publicly-visible areas including buildings (residences and businesses) and public thoroughfares within City of Tucson limits. The program is not able to remove graffiti from certain surfaces including waste containers and Sun Tran bus shelters and does not operate at certain locations such as alleys that are not directly visible from a street. Neighborhood “sweeps” without specific addresses and locations are not possible. Removing stickers on poles is also not within the scope of this program.
  • City of South Tucson Public Works, (520) 770-0032
    Coordinates removal of graffiti within the City of South Tucson limits, approximately bounded by 26th St., I-10, 40th St. and the railroad tracks.
  • Pima County “Take Action Against Graffiti” program, (520) 792-8224 or email:
    Allows area residents to report graffiti incidents in unincorporated Pima County outside City and Town limits, but including other unincorporated communities such as Catalina, Corona, Foothills, Green Valley, and Vail. Also coordinates volunteer graffiti abatement projects.
  • Town of Marana Code Enforcement, (520) 382-1999
    Coordinates removal of graffiti, and code enforcement within the Town of Marana limits. Also offers the My Marana mobile app to report code enforcement matters.
  • Town of Oro Valley, (520) 229-4700
    Coordinates removal of graffiti, and code enforcement within the Town of Oro Valley limits.
  • Town of Sahuarita, (520) 822-8800
    Coordinates removal of graffiti, and code enforcement within the Town of Sahuarita limits.
  • CenturyLink,
    Coordinates removal of graffiti from CenturyLink properties and utility boxes.
  • Tucson Electric Power, email
    Coordinates removal of graffiti from Tucson Electric Power properties, power poles and utility boxes within the TEP service area.