Cyclovia in Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood

Cyclovia will be in the Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood October 30! Want to help staff a table to share info on our Neighborhood Foresters efforts, or something else? Or pass out maps of the many cool transformations in our neighborhood, that could inspire other neighborhoods? Let Brad know at, and we'll plan our actions based on […]

27th Annual Dunbar/Spring (& 4th Annual West University) Neighborhood Rain, Tree, & Native Food Forest Planting – Tucson, AZ

Deadline for placing an order: Friday, December 30, 2022 Implementation is planned for this winter, exact dates in early 2022 will be announced once we have the permits. Since 1996 this program has coordinated neighborhood & community volunteers to plant over 1,700 trees in the public rights-of-ways of the Dunbar/Spring neighborhood, along with thousands of […]