How wall color can cool (or heat) you by over 25˚F (13˚C), & shade can cool you by over 45˚F (25˚C)

Light colored exterior walls—exposed to full sun—are over 25˚F (˚C) cooler than darker colored walls; while shaded walls (whatever the color) are over 45˚F (˚C) degrees cooler than walls exposed to the full sun.

I discovered this by comparing the temperature of different colored west-facing walls with a hand-held infrared thermometer on a summer afternoon when the ambient temperature was 102˚F (38˚C) in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

I also compare the difference of temperature of walls in full-sun to those in the shade, so you can make informed choices in the color of your building, and where you can more wisely utilize shading strategies to FREELY cool you in summer and warm you in winter.

Filmed August 2023

I use a Fluke 62 MAX+ Handheld Infrared Laser Thermometer to take the temperature readings.

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