Pruning 1.0: Hands-on pruning, tree care, & mulching workshop

Starts at 8am Stay as long as you can or want. We plan to be wrapped up with the supervised pruning in the neighborhood by 11am Cost: $5 Where: the Drutopia plant nursery at the Dunbar (Dunbar Garden space) (NW corner of 11th Ave and University Blvd). Tucson, Arizona Open to all. Learn how you […]

Dunbar/Spring & surrounding neighborhoods’ native yard tree sale & planting

Native yard tree sale & help planting the trees for the following neighborhoods: Dunbar/Spring Barrio Anita Barrio Blue Moon West University Order forms and payment must be received by midnight Wednesday, September 21st   Order form available for download here Grow shade, food, wildlife habitat, and beauty around your home with 5-gallon-sized native trees available […]

Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood baby saguaro sale & planting

Baby saguaros grown from seed (NOT removed from the wild), ranging from 4 to 8 inches in height are available for $20 each. They have been growing out in the open (in their nursery pots), and can be planted in the ground out in the open, though they'd prefer a little shade from the hot […]

Planting rain, trees, & wildflower seed; and stewarding green infrastructure & public paths near 10th Ave and 4th Street

Come join us this Saturday, October 8th 6:30am to plant rain and trees along the street, clean up & steward the traffic-calming, water-harvesting round-a-bout and chicanes and public pathways at 10th Ave and 4st Street. We’ll weed, clean up litter, prune, mulch; and plant trees, understory plants, and native wildflower and restoration seed mixes. Its […]


Stewarding work party of traffic circle and chicanes at 11th Ave and University Blvd

Come join us this Sunday, October 9th 6:30am to clean up, steward, and plant wildflower seed within the water-harvesting traffic calming green infrastructure at University Blvd and 11th Ave. We’ll weed, prune, clean up litter, and plant native wildflower and restoration seed mixes. Its a great opportunity to improve your plant identification skills, as we’ll […]


Stewarding work party for the water-harvesting traffic calming and public pathways at 11th Ave and 1st Street

Come join us this Saturday, October 15th 8am to steward—clean up, weed, prune, mulch, and plant the traffic-calming, water-harvesting round-a-bout and chicanes and public pathways at 11th Ave and 1st Street, in the Dunbar/Spring neighborhood in Tucson, AZ. We’ll enhance the water-harvesting within the traffic circle and plant backyard nursery-grown native understory plants and native […]


Cyclovia in Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood

Cyclovia will be in the Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood October 30! Want to help staff a table to share info on our Neighborhood Foresters efforts, or something else? Or pass out maps of the many cool transformations in our neighborhood, that could inspire other neighborhoods? We are currently working with Bill Mackey of Worker, Inc. to try […]

27th Annual Dunbar/Spring (& 4th Annual West University) Neighborhood Rain, Tree, & Native Food Forest Planting – Tucson, AZ

Deadline for placing an order: Friday, December 30, 2022 Implementation is planned for this winter, exact dates in early 2023 will be announced once we have the permits. Since 1996 this program has coordinated neighborhood & community volunteers to plant over 1,700 trees in the public rights-of-ways of the Dunbar/Spring neighborhood, along with thousands of […]

Restoration & replanting of street-runoff harvesting basins

Time & Place: 9:30am to prep, meeting at 813 N. 9th Ave before moving to the work site 10:30am we begin work with the youth on the south side of 601 N. Stone Ave, along 5th Street. We'll be working with youth from the Ironwood Tree Experience to restore, enhance, & replant street-runoff harvesting basins […]

Pruning 2.0: Hands-on tree care, overhead tree pruning, & overhead utility line safety workshop

Starts at 9am Done by noon Cost: $5 Where: NE corner of 9th Avenue and University Blvd. Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood, Tucson, Arizona 85705 Open to all. Learn how you can organize similar Neighborhood Forester efforts in your neighborhood. This workshop will cover foundational pruning, tree care, and mulching; though focuses on pruning overhead with pole saws, […]


Plant identification & traffic circle work party

Where: Traffic circle at 1st Street and 9th Avenue (8am start) Dunbar/Spring neighborhood, Tucson, AZ Traffic circle at 1st Street and 11th Avenue (after we finish the first, maybe 8:30am)   Want to improve your plant identification skills so you can better tell a native wildflower and a weed apart (even before or after they […]