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Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood baby saguaro sale & planting

October 1, 2022

Baby saguaros grown from seed (NOT removed from the wild), ranging from 4 to 8 inches in height are available for $20 each.

They have been growing out in the open (in their nursery pots), and can be planted in the ground out in the open, though they’d prefer a little shade from the hot afternoon sun. Now is the ideal time to plant, as the sun is getting lower in the sky again as we approach the fall equinox (Sept 21), they will be well acclimatized when the sun gets higher again after the spring equinox (March 21).

We also have one organ-pipe cactus (10 inches tall) available, though (unlike saguaros) it is frost sensitive so it must be planted in a warm microclimate receiving lots of winter sun, and you may need to protect it on cold nights by putting a plastic cup over its growing tip, then removing it in the morning.

Here are some saguaro babies planted earlier this year and cared for by various neighbors

Glenn and the baby he helps steward. Photo: Brad Lancaster, 2-2022


Susannah and the baby she help steward. Photo: Brad Lancaster, 2-2022

They’ll need to be watered once a week the first month, and then some after that to get them established.

These young cacti may be small, but they grow faster than you think.
They can grow up to 6 inches per year if they get a little more moisture (I’ve witnessed this when they are planted next to, but not within, a rainwater-harvesting basin.

Baby saguaros we planted years ago in the neighborhood are now taller than us.

Let’s bring the saguaro forest back into our neighborhoods by planting now!
The saguaros have beautiful flowers that support many native pollinators, then delicious fruit for us, wildlife, and livestock. Plus, they make great nesting sites for many birds, including elf owls, that take up residence in nesting holes wood peckers create in the saguaro.

Let’s make hooting owls a regular occurrence at night in our neighborhood!

Saguaro fruit
Photo: Brad Lancaster

Contact Brad at NeighborhoodForesters@gmail.com with your name, phone, email, address, and neighborhood if you are interested.
Only a limited supply available.
And you must commit to caring for the saguaro for years to come – its super easy, and they’ll do so much better with you looking out for them.
Brad will deliver the saguaro, help you find a good planting spot, and help you plant.

Get your orders in by Saturday, October 1.

Also, let Brad know if you’d like to tag along and/or help plant at NeighborhoodForesters.org.

Priority will be given to those planting & caring for the baby saguaros in the public right-of-way (that way everyone can enjoy them); then front yards where the saguaros can be seen by passers by.

Priority will also be give to locations in the Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood (we are trying to encourage each neighborhood to organize its own sale and planting).

But if we have enough, second priority will be for the following neighboring neighborhoods of:
Barrio Anita, Barrio Blue Moon, and West University

Thanks to Bach’s Cactus Nursery for growing these cactus!
Keep them in mind when you want to gift someone a baby saguaro to act and grow as living totem marking a big life event such as a birth, wedding, graduation, job, etc.

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For great info on planting the rain, greywater, stormwater, and more to water your plants for free
See HarvestingRainwater.com and the full-color editions of the books Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond


October 1, 2022